Europe – S1 Week 4’s Round Up

Europe – Week 4’s Round Up

Week 4 of Quiz Nations Europe saw lots of close contests across the three divisions, with many matches going down to the final Mystery Boxes

In Elite 1, the top three teams maintained their blistering form to open up an ominous gap. England’s Broken Warriors overcame Switzerland Quizzers 56-38 in a high-scoring encounter, and Ireland’s Ollie and Gracies Lonely Heartclub Band triumphed over Viddr 49-34, but the closest match was between Norway’s Nerds of Steel and Denmark’s Social Quiztancers, with the Steely Nerds galvanising themselves and picking up a full house on the final mystery box to edge the Quiztancers 42-39. Danish Pastry had their French rivals Gallium for continental breakfast 47-26, and Denmark Y picked up their first win with a 44-31 victory over Chiltern Wanderers.

On to Elite 2, where every match went down to the wire. In top of the table clash, North-South Divide’s irresistible force finally overcame The Motley Crew’s immovable object 46-43 in a predictably close encounter, and it was grouse hunting season as Paul Jam managed to snare the Capercaillies 45-41, but right up until the mystery boxes there was a distinct possibility that the hunters might get captured by the game. Estonians Tiimi Nimi kept up their great form with their third win on the trot, defeating Team North East 48-41. Northern Lights extinguished the Pyromanians 46-42, and Denmark X breached the Witless Protection Program’s defences 40-39 to make it a Danish double as far as first victories in the Elite leagues go.

And on Civi Street, Scratch continued their fine form overcoming The North Remembers 46-27, to continue lording it over the rest at the top of the table. In a fantastic match, which went right down to the final mystery box, Pick and Mix came from behind to overhaul the Dude Abides 44-43. I had the privilege to sit in on this encounter, and the turning point came when Ronny Jackson stole a bonus point, appropriately enough on the subject of Theft, by identifying the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum as the location of a notable art heist. The Quality of Mercians showed little sign of strain as they overcame Universally Challenged 44-16 to move up to third, and the Mancunians tied with the Bulgarian Rational Society 35-35, while the splendidly-named Zbroing 747! triumphed over Manos Castro 40-31.

As far as league-wide solo 2s go, Chris Dyson of the North Remembers hit a home run with baseball player Aaron Judge; wine connoisseur Sarah Trevarthen of Northern Lights knows her Pinotage from her Pinot noir, and North-South Divide’s Seoan Webb held all the aces with a solo on Omaha poker, and only fellow card sharp Jamie Dodding prevented Seoan doubling up with another solo on Euchre.

Roll on Week 5!

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