Code of Conduct

It’s important that all players adhere to our Code of Conduct, which is considered part of the competition rules. The organisers want everyone to enjoy playing in a fair competition and so all players are expected to abide by the rules listed in this section, and to play within the spirit of the competition.

Thank you for your understanding and for following these rules.

Players must ensure that BOTH hands are visible at all times when questions are live. This is both to protect the integrity of the match, and as a courtesy to the opposing team.

Similarly, players should look in the direction of their camera while questions are live. 

Wandering eyes cause concern as one could be reading something on a second screen or other device. Playing on tablets or phones can make this and showing your hands quite tricky. In such a case, please explain your set-up to your opponents, showing them if possible. Everyone should know when someone has to tap the screen to see the chat window (for instance), and clearly see it being done.

In the individual rounds, only one answer can be offered at each stage. Players must not “think aloud” or mention multiple possible answers. If two answers are given, the first answer (only) will be considered and the question will pass straight to the other team, with no opportunity for a save. 


When an individual question passes across to player’s or opposition team, the captain should select the player who will answer. Players may signal their confidence in their answer, but there must be no discussuion.


Team rounf questions may be discussed freely as they do not pass to the other team.

Quiz Nations games are played in excellent spirit this league has had no complaints of anyone making inappropriate comments to other players, or doing anything that might be construed as offensive or intimidating to anyone.

Please ensure all players are treated with respect. Racism, homophobia, sexism etc. will not be tolerated.

• It is always preferable for issues to be dealt with at the time as it is difficult, sometimes impossible, to resolve them retrospectively.  

Firstly, team captains should ensure their team members are clearly visible, facing their cameras and with the hands displayed, and remind their players to comply with the rules if necessary. It’s much easier for the captain to do this than for a player from the other team to be put into a position where they feel they have to do this. 
• If a player isn’t following the rules, then the Reader (preferably) or another player can politely remind them to do so.
• If a player refuses or repeatedly breaks the rules, the Reader should report the circumstances to the organisers.
• The organisers may remove a player from the match if necessary or can disqualify a whole team from a match. We very much hope that everyone will play in the spirit of the game and that this won’t be necessary. 

If a player or team repeatedly fails to comply with the Code of Conduct then the organisers will remove them from a match, or from the entire competition.