Europe – S1 Week 3’s Round Up

Europe Week 3’s Round Up

Week 3 of Quiz Nations Europe saw the teams in all three divisions fight it out over the toughest set so far.

In Elite 1, table toppers Broken Warriors maintained their imperious form as the highest scoring team across all three divisions, with a 59-35 win over Gallium. Nerds of Steel and Ollie and Gracies Lonely Heartclub Band also kept up their 100% records in the race for the Champions League with 43-31 and 43-34 victories over Viddr and Denmark Y respectively, but Switzerland Quizzers lost for the first time, going down 34-29 to Social Quiztancers. Congratulations to Danish Pastry who picked up their first win with a 40-30 triumph over Chiltern Warriors.

On to Elite 2, where the competition is fierce. North-South Divide have started the campaign ominously, and they powered to a 52-27 win over Northern Lights. Paul Jam edged a close encounter with Team North East 49-43, and The Motley Crew overcame Capercaillies 43-34 to maintain the 100% records of the top 3. The Pyromanians moved up the table by defeating Denmark X 42-28, as did Timi Nimi after a convincing 47-30 win over Witless Protection Program.

Over in the Civilian League, all three teams who had won their first two matches lost this time round, so it looks like this is going to be the most closely-contested and unpredictable division of all. The Mancunians went down 41-37 to new table toppers Scratch in a contest that went right down the final Mystery Boxes; Pick and Mix were defeated by Manos Castro 40-34 in another nail-biter, and it’s fair to say this week’s set didn’t really suit the Dude Abides as they lost 36-21 to Quality of Mercians. The Bulgarian Rational Society overcame Zbroing 747! 30-24, and The North Remembers picked up their first win with a 26-20 win over Universally Challenged.

Kudos to Anne-Marie Soulsby of Universally Challenged, the only solo player to pick up 2 points for Miranda Kerr, and to Andrew Burford (Quality of Mercians), Roderick Cromar (Capercaillies) and Hugh Bennett (North-South Divide) who picked up league-wide individual solo 2s for Adam Lambert, Génépi and Brumation respectively. Perhaps appropriately, the final resting place of the Holy Roman Emperors (Speyer) went dead, at least as far as individual players are concerned, and while Cold Chisel might be one of Australia’s best known rock bands, it looks like they could turn up, plug in and play after a pub quiz almost anywhere else in the world without being recognised.

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Roll on Week 4!

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